A New Level of Service

Tired of the race to the bottom for DPF cleaning prices in your market? If so, then EcoClean is an excellent option for you. The EcoClean family of products offers a non-destructive cleaning process that enables you to get a dirty filter clean and dry in under two-hours. This advanced technology and process allows you to approach DPF cleaning from a whole new perspective. Not only are you offering a highly-effective aqueous cleaning option, but you are providing a level of service the industry has never experienced before.

Think about what this means for your business. By using EcoClean technology and equipment you’re essentially able to take price out of the DPF cleaning conversation. Yes, you will have to be competitive but you no longer have to worry about being the cheapest to retain the business. The benefits of non-destructive DPF aqueous cleaning with same day turnaround capability could save your customer thousands of dollars. You will have a competitive advantage as you provide a solution to their cleaning needs, a solution that will increase up-time and positively impact their bottom line.

But the impact to your company doesn’t stop there. When your customer experiences the benefits of EcoClean aqueous DPF cleaning they will be less likely to switch back to more traditional cleaning methods. And if you’re adding EcoClean technology to existing cleaning equipment you already have, you are now a one-stop-shop for all DPF cleaning options. All this increases your ability to not only retain customers, but gain market share.

EcoClean Machine November 2019
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Unique Aqueous Cleaning Process

  • Back pressure test & weighing of filter pre-cleaning.
  • Light check of the filter.
  • Presoaking of dirty filter.
  • Clean soak of the filter.
  • Computer guided washing of the filter with the EcoClean machine.
  • Rinsing of the filter.
  • Drying of the filter using Ecoclean drying cabinet.
  • Light check of the filter.
  • Back pressure test and weighing of filter post-cleaning.