Fleet Express are individual DPF cleaning centers that exclusively feature EcoClean Advantage technology. With the EcoClean aqueous cleaning equipment, Fleet Express locations are able to clean filters at an unprecedented speed. In fact, Fleet Express is able to clean a dirty DPF and have it returned to the customer in the same amount of time it takes to perform an annual PM service.

By using the non-destructive aqueous cleaning, Fleet Express is able to increase up-time for fleets of all sizes. In addition to offering DPF cleaning services, Fleet Express locations have the ability to supply customers with clamps, gaskets, or complete kits.

EcoClean Machine 10.19

Cleaning Process

  • Vacuum test & inspect filter prior to cleaning.
  • Pre-soak filter in EcoClean proprietary, environmentally friendly, cleaning agent.
  • Complete the computer guided, edge-to-edge cleaning of the filter using proprietary cleaning agent.
  • Dry filter using EcoClean drying equipment.
  • Vacuum test & inspect filter post cleaning.
  • Filter wrapped & ready for customer delivery.

Fleet Express Locations

Fleet Express  |  Charlotte, NC  |  704.886.6006
Fleet Express  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  317.494.4104
Atlanta, GA (coming soon)
Dallas, TX (coming soon)

Whether you currently provide DPF cleaning services or are looking to join the industry, we invite you to see how the EcoClean process and equipment can benefit your business. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the advantages of becoming a Fleet Express location or EcoClean Authorized Cleaning Center.

Authorized Cleaning Locations

Des Moines, IA  |  American Radiator  |  877.203.4572
Detroit, MI  |  Southpointe Radiator  |  866.941.1460
Fond du Lac, WI  |  Don’s Radiator  |  920.923.2888
Houston, TX (coming soon)
Kansas City, MO  |  Midwest Radiator  |  816-231.6673
Memphis, TN  |  Crows Truck Center  |  901.366.6611
Ontario, CA  (coming soon)
Portland, OR  (coming soon)
Savannah, GA  |  Chatham Radiator  |  912.233.3515
St. James, MO (coming soon)