Diesel engines lose 1% of fuel efficiency for every 2% of added DPF loading above 50%.1,2 But the RED LIGHT doesn’t come on until 90% LOADING. A diesel engine loses 20% of its efficiency once the DPF is 50% loaded, until the 90% RED LIGHT comes on and the DPF is cleaned!
SO WHY NOT CLEAN AT 50% LOADING INSTEAD OF 90% RED LIGHT LOADING? Because until now, no one could predict the optimal 50% DPF filter loading mileage. But Intelli-CleanTM has solved that problem!
EcoClean’s predictive Intelli-CleanTM system tells you exactly when to clean your DPF to ensure maximum fuel economy. The Intelli-CleanTM algorithm tells you when your DPF will reach the 50% loading point, and automatically generates a cleaning reminder.

Here is what it means for various types of trucks on an annual basis.

The Intelli-CleanTM system is easy and intuitive to use. Just enter your customer’s vehicle information and maintain a log of every cleaning.

Based on the type of the vehicle and the individual cleaning history, the Intelli-CleanTM  system’s algorithm automatically projects when the next cleaning is due at 50% of soot loading.

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