Aqueous DPF Cleaning Equipment front view.

Aqueous DPF Cleaning Equipment

There are a number of factors you need to consider when deciding which DPF cleaning equipment is best for your business. Whether you’re looking to complement your existing cleaning services or searching for a primary solution, we encourage you to do your research. Understanding DPF technology, the cleaning equipment, and cleaning process being used will help you make an educated decision. Ultimately you want DPF cleaning equipment that not only restores the filter to like-new performance, but prolongs the life of the DPF and addresses other pain points your business or customers currently face.

Aqueous DPF Cleaning Equipment by EcoClean combines science and technology to provide a level of cleaning that has never been seen in the heavy-duty industry. Our team of experts have successfully run DPF service centers across the country and been involved in DPF development both domestically and internationally. The result of this experience is changing the way DPF cleaning can be done. With the end-user in mind, we have developed a non-destructing cleaning method that takes a filter from dirty… to clean and dry… all in under 2-hours. Sound too good to be true? We invite you to take a look!

Non-Destructive DPF Cleaning

Aqueous DPF cleaning equipment from EcoClean eliminates the use of a kiln or high-pressure air in the cleaning process. Our computer-guided cleaning machine features a closed water system and proprietary surfactant that separates our equipment from other water cleaning options available. Offering a non-destructive DPF cleaning solution provides distinct advantages for your business.

  • Computer-guided process ensures complete cell structure penetration.
  • Proprietary surfactant removes debris from filter and does not leave residue on Cordierite.
  • Low-pressure | high-volume water stream allows surfactant to maneuver around corners of cell structure.
  • Filter is not exposed to high temperatures during cleaning eliminating possible expansion and contraction of filter.
  • High pressure air is never applied to the face of the filter during cleaning.

It’s Either EcoClean… Or It Isn’t!

Not all aqueous cleaning equipment is the same. EcoClean Technology is designed to provide exceptional results while making the process efficient and user friendly. Our patent pending equipment and cleaning process are the result of years of DPF cleaning experience.

EcoClean is much more than a manufacturer of diesel particulate filter cleaning equipment. We serve as your strategic business partner working diligently to take your cleaning services to another level. Our staff invests in the success of your company and have programs in place to support your efforts.