EcoClean Advantage Family of Products

As DPF cleaners ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the cleaning process. Innovation never stops. We take continuous feedback from our customers and apply it to the design and development process. The technology behind this patent pending equipment is the culmination of decades of International experience in the DPF industry. Although EcoClean Advantage is a revolutionary process, we feel the best is yet to come.

EcoClean Machine with Callouts 111819

Model 1000: EcoClean DPF Water Cleaning Machine

  • Single cleaning station & prep station.
  • Computer guided cleaning process.
  • Closed system containing water & proprietary surfactant.
  • Water holding tank.
  • Dual filtration system.
  • Available For Order Now.

Model 1500: EcoClean DPF Water Cleaning Machine & Drying Cabinet – One Unit

  • One Combined Cleaning & Drying Unit.
  • Helps Reduce Initial Startup Costs.
  • Reduces Amount of Required Workspace.
  • Ideal for Lower Volume Cleaners or Medium Size Fleets.
  • Available Early 2020.

Model 1200: EcoClean DPF Dual Water Cleaning Machine

  • Two cleaning stations & prep stations.
  • Computer guided cleaning head.
  • Closed system containing water & surfactant.
  • Water holding tank.
  • Dual filtration system.
  • Ideal for large volume cleaners or fleets.
  • Increases cleaning capacity.
  • Improved cost savings.
  • Requires less space than two individual machines.
  • Available Early 2020.

Model 2000: EcoClean DPF Drying Cabinet

  • Dries DPF Filter in 20-Minutes.
  • Allows for Proper Post-Cleaning Backpressure Test & Weight.
  • Available Accessories Give You the Ability To Dry Different Size & Shape of Filters.
  • Accommodates Filters up to 24″ in Height.
  • Available Early 2020.

Model 4000: EcoClean Presoak Tank

  • Presoaking Filter Aids in Separating Soot & Ash From Filter Walls.
  • Reduces Cleaning Time & Improves Longevity of Filter Cleaning Supplies Used in Cleaning Machine.
  • Available For Order Now.

Model 5000: EcoClean Air Flow Back Pressure Tester

  • Operates With Higher CFM Rating System.
  • Digital Screen for Easy & Accurate Operating of Equipment.
  • Machine Includes Test Light & Optional Scale for Weighing of Filters.
  • Available For Order Now.